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666, Black Gold, Texas Tea.

Bush-43 Pathological Lies.

The Corrupt Church

The Better Ways of Religion

Open Letter to NIOSH.

Comments on ATSDR Loudon County AirPollutants.

Revelations Attacks.

Chemtrails and End-Times.

Science Intersects Religion.

Reclaiming America.

Whistleblower in Action.

What is this New World Order and 666?

The Corrupt Church as the epicenter for today's extreme problems.


Jim Phelps discovered the causation for aging, cancer, CFS, and HIV at The Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the mid 1980s. He found that Oak Ridge fluoride releases were affecting the Pineal gland's regulation of the night and day signaling that controlled the Pituitary's Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH). Further, that the fluorides combined in the body with aluminum to produce a TSH like G-protein effect that also upset the day-night regulation of thyroid related hormones T-3 and T-4. This chemical damage process kept the cells of the body from powering down at night and caused depletion of the glutathione enzyme (Se-GSH) in the body and brain.

The GSH damage process then allowed toxic metals to build up in the body as the phase I and phase II glutathione clearance was impaired. The loss of the liver bile pathway placed more clearance of metals demand on the kidneys, which set the stage to metabolic acidosis and shift of the blood pH toward acid, which further impaired toxic metal clearance. The rise of the toxic metals caused the cell mitochondria to produce increased rates of free radicals, which required the up regulation of the superoxide dimutase enzymes (Mn-SOD). These enzymes employed all the trace metal manganese, which upset the production of the cytokine interferon (IFN) and the production of effective 2-5A RNase L enzymes.

The high oxidative stress in the cells caused the mutation of the 2-5A RNase L enzyme from its normal 83 kDa MW to an ineffectual 37 kDa MW. This is the prime enzyme within cells that kills viral RNA by cleaving it, sets up cell apoptosis, and calls in the NK and macrophage cells. The mutation of this enzyme is the prime effect that allows cancer viruses to grow, HIV to grow, and CFS problems with EBV, CMV, and mycoplasma to affect long-term health.

When this principle cellular enzyme that controls cell viral and mycoplasma mutates due to the manganese loss, the immune system goes into a Th-2 mode due the interferon cytokine system failing. As the varied viruses and mycoplasma effects proliferate within the cells of organs, they generate their own cytokine factors that cause the growth of blood supplies and uncontrolled cell growth for cancers. In other cases, depending on the genetic pre-dispositions, these viruses just cause increasing rates of cell damage leading to slow and eventual death.

This process of slow damage to the Pineal gland from fluoride is the prime cause for all animal and human aging on planet Earth. It causes a slow shift of thyroid hormones into hyperthyroid and sets off a destructive pattern of toxic metals retention that continues until a large number of cells are no longer protected from internal pathogen infections, this causing death.

Jim Phelps' discovery of this etiology for cancers, aging, and chronic illness caused great problems for the Oak Ridge nuclear weapons plants that used fluoride to produce bomb uranium and slowly poisoned its workers health. The discovery also unlocked that the Ancient Egyptians knew this same process and that is was connected with their reverence toward the Pineal Gland and was represented by the Eye Of Horus icon. The discoveries gave greater insights into not only that the Egyptians found this dominant effect on human health and intelligence, but also showed how religion's Moses was connected with finding a Sulfur Cycle medicinal effect that also determines the weather and cooling of planet Earth.

These web pages are about the key insights into the discoveries that affect everyone on planet Earth, but which have been covered up by Oak Ridge and its corrupted Govt. associations that have taken freedom from the citizens of the US.



Jim Phelps was the inventor of the DOE's "Global Shield" Project, that is about aligning man's activities so that they support natural processes rather than destroy them and man with it. Global Shield is about how to use commercial aircraft to seed clouds that shield the planet from heat or IR radiation from the sun to induce a cooling effect that slows global warming.

Global Warming is being caused by man's negative influence on the atmosphere by allowing ozone depletion chemicals like CFCs, Freon, to damage the ozone layer and cause a rapid rise in the levels of UV-b radiation on the surface of the Earth.

The rise in UV-b reaching the surface of the Earth caused an upset in the way nature forms clouds that shield and reflect IR radiation from the sun. The UV-b has severely damaged the ocean's phytoplankton that make dimethyl sulfide (DMS), which is emitted from the oceans and goes toward making reflective clouds that keep the polar oceans and ice cool.

The phytoplankton associated emissions of DMS goes toward making DMSO rapidly in the atmosphere, which is a hygroscopic gas that seeds clouds that cool the surfaces of the world's oceans. As UV-b levels increased this process was damaged which caused a rise in the surface temperatures of polar oceans that in turn lead to loss of the ocean's abilities to take up CO-2 and sequester it from the atmosphere.

Jim Phelps spotted this prime factor that was causing Global Warming and the rise of CO-2 and H20 in the atmosphere in the mid-1980s at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The discovery and ideas made him the most famous of persons in the laboratory system. He found ways to make commercial aircraft make clouds that could compensate for the loss of clouds due to UV-b damage to the phytoplankton / cloud making systems.

The Global Shield Project uses the methods of Jim Phelps' "Air Pharmacolgy" or what is now popularly termed "Chemtrails" Science, which were all invented in Oak Ridge. Airborne large area operations like Global Shield also became titanium metals methods to offset illnesses and diseases in animal populations being caused by aluminum fluoride factors upsetting Pineal Gland and thyroid hormone processes. This compensates for BSE, Mad Cow, Scrapie, and other animal illnesses.

These multiple atmospheric projects that Jim Phelps invented are now larger than the Manhattan Project itself and are designed to control the world's weather in order to compensate for man's environmental disasters from ozone depletion. Jim Phelps' discoveries led directly to satellites that globally map ozone depletion, map world UV-b levels, map world ocean's phytoplankton levels, and many other projects.

One can read more about the problems of Oak Ridge and Whistle-blower Jim Phelps' involvement with Oak Ridge on these web pages.



Many Americans are at risk of developing mesothelioma, a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. Please visit the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance for more information.

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Welcome to DOEWatch and The Environmentalist Newsletters.

(Proudly Not Funded or Compromised By Any Government Agency, or its Minions.)

Oak Ridge is often called "The Secret City" and this page will take you into the inner sanctum of the deepest of Oak Ridge's activities. Inside these pages one will discover the real secrets of power and massive corruption in the US. Many persons are very excited by what they learn from the DOEWatch page's insider information and openness.

This web page paints a mosaic mental image using interlocking web page tiles presented below that enable readers to see the big picture of how abuses of power can lead to outcomes in the US more sinister than perhaps the domain of Satan. Here we shall unravel the sordid trail of good and evil. We shall look at how the DOE is behind the cover up of problems so large that it threatens the planet's survival.

In these pages one will find all the super secrets related to fraudulent US National Security methods that are often dismissed as Conspiracy Theory, but here theory will become established fact. Oak Ridge was involved in the assassination of JFK and one can learn about those connections here.

DOEWatch will delve into the most illegal DOE factions that have tried to predicate national security on the need to destroy health and planet. Here one will find how DOE harmed the health of its workers and of the entire region due to mercury emissions, hydrogen fluoride emissions, and PCB emissions that damaged two major enzymes processes in plants and humans called GSH and SOD.

On the DOEWatch Pages one will discover that Oak Ridge contributed huge losses of Freon that made the ozone hole in the 80s, which resulted in huge impact on ocean plankton growth and a corresponding huge loss of ocean emissions of dimethylsulfide (DMS). DMS / DMSO / MSM are a critical part of the Earth's Sulfur Cycle and are essential sulfur compounds for plant and animal species on Earth. The loss of DMS due to the UV effect is the common factor for climate change via cloud seeding and IR reflection, huge dies off of frogs and other species globally, and the rise of AIDS, CFS, and other illnesses. Oak Ridge and their corrupt industrial partners covered up the discovery of this effect, the special relationship of DMS to religion, and their roles in causing an End-Times Global Catastrophe for all life on Earth. As the Oceans heat due to loss of clouds, they convert to anoxic sulfur cycle and emit poison hydrogen sulfide gas, H2S. This is the prime gas associated with all of Earth's great extinction events.

This web page is an intellectual treatise of factors from nuclear weapons, to misplaced values of religion, and into the massive mind conditioning that seeks to enslave a world. Oak Ridge is a GOP oriented system that sought to cover up their damage to thyroid processes, the enzyme processes of GSH and SOD, and turn it into a profit margin based on people's ill health caused by the DOE.

On these pages the secret circles of power are exposed for an ultimate goal of the knowledge setting all the world free of these abuses of power and exploitation.

The really big picture on what is driving the current world problems in a piece titled: The Royal's Opiate for the Masses: What is God?, What is Religion?, An Inequality!

The narrative above is a first orientation narrative to explain the special connections of the Manhattan Project to world wars, banking, religion, and Royal power. Similarly oriented follow-on pieces to the above are listed below to explain the problems in a slightly different religion manner. It is about these times when science ran headlong into the various aspects of religion vs the natural order / Mother Nature / God.

Why is Oak Ridge associated with the NWO, 666, and the End-Times?

The Bankster monopoly and their power for war.

The highest level analysis for Today's serious problems. Using the methods of Hermes we look at the real message from God and basically decode the Bible's narratives and Revelations itself. This is the Hotter than Hell Piece that is getting lots of attention for exposing the epicenter of today's rise of the anti-Christ using the NWO.

Take a look at 666, Black Gold, Texas Tea


The case of Govt. criminal concealment using racketeering tactics to hide environmental damage accountability from the US citizens.

Al Gore is trying to place the blame for climate change on CO-2, when the strongest global warming effects is due to the Ozone Hole effects and damage to the Ocean's cloud forming systems that control their direct warming due to the Sun's IR absorption. This process sets up problems like "El NiNo" and the rise of water vapor in the atmosphere that is a strong global warming factor. This dumps tons of snow on the Rocky's and keeps much of the East Coast and Southeastern US unseasonably warm. When the "El Nino" isn't as dominant, it sets up the destructive hurricane energies from ocean water vapor that sank New Orleans. What is it all about? Al Gore is selling nuclear energy for the good OLE boy network in Oak Ridge. See the deceptive side of Al Gore's Truths on the shocking environmental disaster approaching us all. Find the factors linking to Revelations, the End-Times, why the seas are dying, why the Earth is about to have a dangerous population downsizing, and why AL Gore is presenting big lies to cover up the awful truth about many serious problems.


The case of criminal concealment of toxic induced health damage to population and workers.

In honor of the major PR move in Oak Ridge for the Secret City Festival, DOEWATCH is going to expose the inner secrets of the health holocaust that was secretively concealed in Oak Ridge. Thousands of workers and residents have been seriously affected by the long-term releases of hydrogen fluoride, mercury, PCB, and toxic metals into the air of the region. These releases collectively damaged the production of two of the most important enzymes in the body that protect the body from toxic metals and ROS damage. Higher rates of thyroid damage, ALS, cancer, and CFS have been the result of a process of racketeering. How the plant's management and the town's politicians pulled off the cover up of the millennia. You will come face to face with the Criminal Elements of Oak Ridge that brought extensive health harm to Oak Ridge. Then read on below to see how these same systemic abuses of power brought catastrophic environmental and health harm to the entire planet.


OAK RIDGE'S FINAL JUDGEMENT--->The K-25 Fluoride Disaster.

Oak Ridge is the home of the largest chemical accident in the US and the name of the accident is the Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant. This one plant absorbed 25 percent of the Manhattan Project's funding to try and keep hydrogen fluoride poison gas from getting loose on the workers and the region. This plant was code-named the K-25 plant, after the Kellex Corp. diffusion process that used 25 percent of the funds. This plant would become a doomsday device under the management of Union Carbide. The very same sloppy methods that caused the Bhopal India accident also contributed to this huge fluoride poisoning disaster in Oak Ridge. The K-25 plant's emissions upset the GSH and SOD enzyme processes of cells that clear toxic metals and repair free radical damage leading to huge rates to toxic metals poisoning and ROS related illnesses. The lessons learned here have become central to the Final Judgment for the End-Times.


Oak Ridge and the MSRE fluoride Cover-up Conspiracy.

This is a write up of a cover up nuclear reactor accident that I witnessed while working for the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the mid-1980's. The nuclear criticality accident involved an old reactor called The Molten Salt Reactor. This reactor used UF-4 type fuel and had none of the metal oxide and zirconium fuel element cladding as in the classical case for reactors. The fuel in this reactor was a molten liquid that circulated into and out of the reactor core. The reactor fuel salt was the heat transfer medium. The fission fuel in use when the reactor was closed was U-233 from the thorium breeder cycle. U-233 is very similar to Pu-239 in radioactivity, health danger, and weapons uses. Again the major health problem here is due to hydrogen fluoride releases damaging the GSH and SOD enzyme processes of the body leading to illnesses like CFS and cancer. Hydrogen Fluoride damages the Pineal Gland and HPA Axis factors that lead to long term diseases, illness, and early death.


Oak Ridge and the JFK Assassination

Many persons ask me about how Oak Ridge was involved in the assassination planning on JFK. So, here is that story made very clear. This is the true story of the "crooks" of the Oak Ridge National Security and how they abused their power and secrecy. Some books speak to the conspiracy on JFK, but this dialog will take you into the key elements and the missing links of the nuclear national security supported plan to make jobs in Oak Ridge by killing JFK.


Oak Ridge and the End-Times Prophecy

This narrative pertains to more of the religion issues linked to Oak Ridge, in particular the odd trail linked to the End-Times of Revelations. This discussion will give people a better idea of what is happening and what factors are driving the outcomes. This dialog will be brief and only the best theologians and scientists will pick up on these causal realities quickly, but they are succinctly captured here for study. The root of the problem is a nationalistic state based on religion, which uses the force of nuclear weapons to guarantee its regional dominance and existence. This is causing an imbalance leading to global war that stems from many wrong concepts assigned to God.


THE FLUORIDE FACTOR: The Extreme Dangers Associated with Long Term Low Level Fluoride Exposure.

The biggest risk and health problems facing mankind today stem from the rising levels of fluoride in the environment from a variety of sources. Fluoride levels accumulate in a person's body with age and are directly related to the aging effects, shifts in the cytokine balance to Th-2 mode, and risks of cancer, immune illnesses, and HIV. CFS caused primarily by chemical damages to the GSH and SOD enzymes leading to rise of toxic metals in the body and huge rates of free radical damage leading to immune linked illnesses. Hydrogen Fluoride exposures lead directly to Pineal Gland damage, disruption of the HPA axis hormones, and formation of AlF3 compounds that drive the thyroid hormone system.


GULF WAR ILLNESS MADE SIMPLE---The role of enzymes GSH and SOD in long term illness.

Many persons think Gulf War Illness is some sort of mystery illness, but the Government has long had a very clear understanding and explanation for these illness patterns grouped under the names of GWI or GWS. The illnesses are the simple result of chemical injury to the liver and the GSH and SOD enzymes. This sets up a rise in toxic metals retention in the body and a huge increase in the rates of ROS damage from toxic metals mitochondria damage.


Specialized Nuclear Propulsion Systems.

There are many persons that are sighting varied aircraft that make no noise in air and can hover with no moving parts showing. This is the world of specialized nuclear propulsion. These systems are based on heavy ion fission fragments mixed with MHD methods. There are both manned and unmanned versions of these systems that have been around since the early 50s and are offshoots of the Manhattan Project.


Oak Ridge and the Chemtrails Cover-up.

This page is written by the person that invented the DOE's biggest project for remediation for the ozone hole, the Global Shield project. The inventions came from direct experience at the Oak Ridge National Lab and working the Q-cleared world of DOE's nuclear weapons. This piece is about the origin of the Ozone Hole and the methods in use and being designed to attempt to fix what Man's pollution has done to our weather and our environment. Chemtrails, the man-made massive global white clouds, are the harbinger for Christ's message. Learn how the DOE's reckless weapons efforts led to the destruction of the Earth's ozone layer because Manhattan Project scientists sold the world on Freon, and they covered up the massive harm they wrought. Find out about the principle mechanism for why the ozone depletion leads directly to Global Warming and massive destruction on planet Earth. Understand the natural order of the planet's cooling process and how the southern oceans release DMS and DMSO to form clouds and regulate the ocean's temperatures and CO-2 absorption / retention.


The DOE Family Mafia


CFS: THE ANALYSIS REPORT of the unexplained illnesses using peer reviewed reports.

A few persons seek a more intense report on the health effects that involve fluorides and metals. This report looks at the rising activation of the cytokine systems due to toxic insults from industry and energy production. The cytokine systems being elevated in response in the long term leads to loss of protection from the Blood Brain Barrier. It also relates to rise in health disease, asthma, arthritis, and all the immune linked illnesses. The key to CFS is the rise of toxic pollutants that damage the GSH and SOD enzymes leading to extreme levels of toxic metals making high rates of free oxygen radicals causing illness and disease.


The Anti-Christ and the A-Bomb-->History of Religion Orientation on Prophets and the RAPTURE FACTOR.

There are some important points for consideration of the US being the moral authority of the world. It is important to look at religious belief systems to fairly consider if the US has the moral high ground. We are going to take a look at factors linked to the church that shatters church dogma to the point that the complacency of all creation is eternally shattered.


Judyth Baker, Lee Harvey Oswald, Cancer as a weapon, and Oak Ridge.

Perhaps the biggest sleeper issue in the entire JFK assassination lies in the messages being presented by Judyth Vary Baker. Read here as we take a deep look into who Judyth Vary is and her CV. Then meld this trail into CIA and Oak Ridge involvement in the Cuban crisis. Baker holds the keys to the final pieces of this Conspiracy puzzle and she needs to be heard. Judyth Baker worked with many people close to Oak Ridge and obtained materials from Oak Ridge for the plot to kill Castro with a cancer virus and radiation.


The GOD CURVES and the relationship of fluorine between health and illness.

The GOD CURVES are one of the most important relationships between the environment and health. In the days of old, this was the knowledge that was seen as being associated with the Divine power of cognitive processing in the human mind. Man seems to have lost this rather simple relationship that keeps man from assuming his fuller role as an intelligent being on planet Earth.


JFK Perfect Murder Solved  

The BLUE BOOK on the JFK Assassination presents new information associations for the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination.  Here discover that the JFK Murder was more than a Domestic US problem, but one of Foreign Intelligence operations linked to the Netherland’s Prince Bernhard’s elements that formed the PERMINDEX operation and the Bilderberg Corporate workings to empanel a World Corporation Board and a Killing Squad operated by British Agent Louis Bloomfield.  This JFK Ultimate Edition speaks to the Foreign Sedition that seeks to enslave America in concise and no non-nonsense terms.  Discover the Foreign elements on the Internet attempting to mislead Americans using the same plans to mislead America devised by the John Birch Society’s author of the JFK assassination and put into force by London’s Lord Russell and Prince Bernhand of the Netherlands.




Corporate Raiders of the Lost Ark of the Covenant—Epiphany for 2012

The Sordid History of Religion with the associations to fluoride toxic effects and the issues that tie into the JFK assassination.   Find the long hidden details of religion from the Babylon Mystery Schools to the Essene’s battle for pious religion restoration.   This narrative will go viral and sweep the planet, so pass it around to all your friends.


May we all see that this information dissemination goes around the world rapidly and all men come to see that truth rises above all other religions, and that we find we are all just one people again. Science has met Religion head on, and there is one Simple Truth to behold.

The Magnum-Opus Project---Its' knowledge will set you free.

Environmentalist Newsletters--The Vision Into A Kinder And Gentler Time

DOE Watch-Star Watchdog of The DOE and DOD Majestic Nuclear Genies, The Anubis


Nuclear national security, since the times of Truman, has been about how to fool the public using tactics of "deceit and treachery." It is about hiding toxic effects of fluorides important to the strategic materials production for the aluminum industry and the uranium bomb from workers and the public. It is about concealing nuclear testing using indigenous persons used previously in chemical weapons testing in jungle areas. It is about concealing the fact that the Germans invented most of the concepts on stealth planes designed at Area 51. It's about cleaver language to avoid liabilities and prosecution. It's about religion code names and unique insights of past millennia.